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T&M Hunting Properties is a family/Veteran owned and operated Guide Service offering the absolute BEST in free range and low fenced hog hunting on the eastern seaboard.  We currently have exclusive hog and deer hunting properties spread across several North Carolina counties. Most of the wild hogs are a mix of feral hogs and European, Russian boar hog crosses. The wild hog is a good swimmer and enjoys a good muddy hog wallow just like a regular farm pig. Swampy areas are great habitat for wild hogs.  The wet, soft mud along the Neuse River Basin makes it easy for hogs to root for worms, nuts, acorns, crayfish, roots, and berries.  We have year round baited stand sights strategically placed in deep hardwood swampy bottoms, river edges, crop fields, and planted pines.  We hunt hogs at night when deer season is closed using feeder mounted lights to boost your chances of killing a true trophy boar. The pictures don't lie.  T&M Hunting Properties is North Carolinas premiere Outfitter for trophy wild hogs and deer. 

About the hunt

Wild hogs are mostly nocturnal beasts therefore our hog hunts are conducted at night from elevated, covered box style stands overlooking lighted bait sites.  Our bait sites are kept active year round with a combination of sugary sweet, salty, fatty foods including sweet potatoes, oats, molasses corn and peanut butter.  We guarantee there will never be a shortage of food at ANY of our bait sites because you cant kill pigs without lots of food!  Our stands are built for comfort so we suggest you hunt for long sits or all night long.  Your guide will transport you to and from the stands, track and drag your hog out and clean your kill for a small fee.


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